Jean-Philippe Soulé - Professional Travel Photographer, writer, indigenous expert, expedition leader and guide.

Jean-Philippe with the MentawaiJean-Philippe, whose special love is documenting indigenous cultures, has had his work featured in prestigious publications such as National Geographic, published in educational curricula and children's books, and used by the United Nations and numerous other non-profits to promote humanitarian and cultural projects. After leading 1998’s 3-year, 3000-mile CASKE sea kayak and jungle expedition from which many of these images come, he founded Native Planet , a 501(c) 3 charity, to encourage preservation of the threatened lifestyles and cultures he photographs. A member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the founder of AWV, Jean-Philippe speaks fluent French, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Indonesian and is available for assignments worldwide. Contact Jean-Philippe...


Mentawai Cultural Photo Documentary The unassimilated, traditional, Mentawai shamans and hunters of the Siberut rainforest, Indonesia, adopted Jean-Philippe when he lived with them and, to this day, they remain the closest to his heart. Explore their lifestyle through his eyes!
member of the American Society of Media Photographers


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